Director’s Note from Jake Jaxson: There is a truth I hate to admit: More often than not, I remember the things that have been taken from me, rather than what was given to me.

Perhaps it’s part of human nature’s DNA — one of its many famous “survival mechanisms” that causes us to regret more than rejoice.

Even today I can vividly remember places and events from thirty-five years ago. In my mind I can still see, touch, and feel the prized possessions of my childhood that were lost, destroyed, and never found again.

I especially remember a pair of silver toy revolvers with ivory-colored handles and its matching holster confiscated at the airport check-in, on our way to see my grandparents for Christmas. I can still hear my mom’s exasperated pleading, “He’s just a 7 year old boy! It was his Christmas Present!”

Today, we are releasing a new docu-series MEET THE MORECOCKS. Three years in the making, it is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of CockyBoys.

Many of you know that over the years I have lost contact with my family because of what I do and how I live my life. But today, I don’t have any sadness of loss or remembrance. While I do still love my family, today I celebrate the family we have created via the CockyBoys experience — My partners Benny & RJ, our beautiful and talented performers, our dedicated staff, our members and fans. So much beautiful positive energy, and while we all have good days and bad, over the last three years I have been blessed and amazed by what WE ALL have created. So thank you, and enjoy the first in what I hope will be many more episodes to come

Love always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Description: Throughout history, porn has remained one of most disputed and taboo forms of entertainment. But CockyBoys has always gone against the grain, ever since Jake Jaxson and his two partners RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock took over in 2010. With a clear vision bringing together high quality gay porn with art-house and mainstream-style genre films, CockyBoys quickly developed a reputation for stimulating both the mind and the drive for sex. Now the famous “throuple,” as they’ve been dubbed by New York magazine, are sharing what really goes on behind the scenes.

In CockyBoys’ newest documentary series Meet the Morecocks, Jason, Adrian, and Ben (their real names) allow us a glimpse inside their professional and personal lives. What you see on camera is vastly different from what goes on behind the scenes at the office, their compound in upstate New York, and all the talented models they discover and develop into international superstars. Not everything is easy to say the least, but as Benny says himself, a huge part of the company dialogue is to focus on the positive.

In our pilot episode, “Lightning in a Bottle,” we go in-depth with former model George Alvin — better known to fans as Max Ryder. From his very first scene on the site in 2012 to his starring roles in breakout hits Project GoGo Boy, The Haunting, and Road Strip, Max (together with model Jake Bass) quickly rose in popularity to make CockyBoys the household name it is today. In 2014, Max decided to retire from shooting porn scenes but still remain working for CockyBoys when he was invited to help publicize Jake Jaxson and RJ’s photo book “A Thing of Beauty” on a 3-city European tour and shoot acting scenes for their new movie Answered Prayers.

Traveling with Jake Jaxson, RJ, and CockyBoys Jake Bass and Levi Karter, Max runs into some difficulties as he rides the coattails of a career he’s since transitioned away from. From London to Berlin to Paris and everything in between, this is the true story of how and why Max decided to leave CockyBoys shortly after returning to New York — and how Benny tries to find balance as he stays home, tending to the trio’s six dogs and running the company all by himself.

With Jake Jaxson, RJ, And Benny just as present in front of the camera as they are behind it, Meet the Morecocks is a ground-breaking and unique look at the process of adult filmmaking. And for the first time, CockyBoys will be releasing each 30-minute “safe for work” episode separately from its concurrent sex scene.